Buy the Wormhole Wireless Tattoo Machine Kit - Complete Tattoo Kit with 20 Cartridge Needles, 5 Ink Colors & More

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Buy the Wormhole Wireless Tattoo Machine Kit - Complete Tattoo Kit with 20 Cartridge Needles, 5 Ink Colors & More



Tattoo Kit Wormhole Wireless Tattoo Machine Kit Completely Tattoo Gun Kit

Complete Tattoo Kit: This wireless tattoo machine kit is designed for professional tattoo artists who want the convenience of a wireless device without compromising on quality. The kit includes a tattoo pen with an RCA cord, a tattoo battery pack, 20 tattoo cartridge needles, 2 bandages, 5ml tattoo ink, 40 tattoo ink cups with a base, 5 tattoo transfer papers, and 2 blank tattoo practice sheets.


tattoo pen

-Working Voltage: 6-9V. Speed: 10V 10000Rpm.

-Is made of aluminum alloy, the gap between the accessories and accessories is small, wear resistance is good, long-term use is not hot, and long life.

-The integrated design of the tattoo pen is closer to drawing. It will save more time and money than installing and adjusting a coil tattoo machine.

-A rotary tattoo pen can be used like a tattoo liner machine and a tattoo shader machine.

-This tattoo pen frame part can disassemble, and maintenance, replacement parts, and the tattoo pen grip are autoclavable. Tools are required if parts 3 and 2 need to be disassembled, pay attention to safety.

-More powerful and premium motor inside supports long-lasting working. The tattoo pen has strong power, and high-frequency stability, most suitable for precise and fast shader and liner work.


tattoo pen detail






Plug into the tattoo pen, long press 3s to turn on/off, and you can press the device again to switch the voltage between 6V and 11V at will.

20%-100% remaining battery level indicator, which can help you better to arrange tattoo work, and you don't worry about abrupt termination of work because the battery is dead.


1050mAh battery pack replaces the traditional wired tattoo power and foot pedal, and allows you to focus on tattoo creation.

Charge for 3.5 hours, and lasts 5-6 hours depending on your working voltage.


High compatibility, applicable mobile phone adapter, which is very convenient and can help you save more time.

Easy to charge and carry, so you can even use it for work outdoors.


What does the Wormhole Tattoo Gun Kit include?

1 X Tattoo Pen

1 X Wireless Tattoo Power Supply

5 X 5ml Tattoo Inks

5 X Tattoo Transfer Papers

2 X Cohesive Cover

20 X Tattoo Cartridge Needles(3RL, 5RL, 5RM, 7RM, Each Model for 5 Pcs)

1 X Tattoo Aftercare Cream

40 X Tattoo Ink Caps with Base(20 X Small Tattoo Cap, 20 X Medium Tattoo Cap)

2 X Disposable Tattoo Glove(A Pair)

1 X Tattoo Practice Sheet

1 X User Manual


  • Complete Tattoo Kit— The Wireless Tattoo Machine Kit includes a 1pc tattoo pen with an RCA cord, 1pc tattoo battery pack, 20pcs tattoo cartridges needles, 2pcs bandages, 5pcs 5ml tattoo ink, 40pcs tattoo ink cups with base, 5pcs tattoo transfer papers, 2pcs blank tattoo practice skins, 1 x Type-c Cable, 1 pair of blue nitrile gloves.
  • Wireless Tattoo Pen Introduction: The tattoo pen is finely carved by aluminum alloy, the small gap between accessories and accessories, wear resistance, long time use without hot, long life. Speed, 10V-10000 r/min, powerful, can be used for shading and lining. Connected by RCA cord, working voltage: 7-10V. 3.5-4.5mm adjustable needle depth.
  • Compatible— 20pcs Wormhole Tattoo Cartridge Needles(3RL, 5RL, 5RM, 7RM, each model for 5 pcs) to provide you with tattoo accessories to complete more and better tattoo works. This Wormhole wireless tattoo machine is compatible with all the standard tattoo cartridge needles. We recommend searching and buying the "Wormhole Tattoo Cartridge Needles", which will bring you a better and perfect tattoo experience.


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