Comprehensive Tattoo Kit: Everything You Need for an Unforgettable Tattoo Experience

$59.99 USD

20Pcs Complete Rotary Tattoo Machine Pen Kit for Beginner Artists

Are you ready to unleash your creativity and dive into the world of tattooing? Look no further than our all-inclusive Tattoo Kit. With everything you need in one convenient package, we make it easy for you to embark on your tattooing journey.

Our Tattoo Kit includes:

  1. Tattoo machine: Experience the precision and power of our high-quality tattoo machine, designed to deliver exceptional results.

  2. RCA cord: Connect your tattoo machine seamlessly with our reliable RCA cord, ensuring a stable and efficient power supply.

  3. Tattoo power: Stay in control with our tattoo power unit, providing the necessary voltage for a smooth and consistent tattooing process.

  4. Tattoo pedal: Achieve hands-free operation with our tattoo pedal, allowing you to focus on your artistry while maintaining optimal control.

  5. Tattoo ink set: Explore a vibrant spectrum of colors with our carefully selected tattoo ink set, featuring seven captivating shades.

  6. Blue soap 30 ml: Ensure impeccable hygiene with our blue soap, specially formulated for tattooing to keep the skin clean and sanitized.

  7. Bubble bottle 40 ml: Experience the soothing and refreshing sensation of our bubble bottle, providing gentle relief during the tattooing process.

  8. Tattoo Pen Covers: Maintain hygiene standards with our pack of 100 disposable tattoo pen covers, ensuring a sterile environment for each tattoo session.

  9. Sterilized tattoo needles: Choose from our assortment of 20 sterilized tattoo needles, including sizes 1003RL, 1205RL, 1207RM, and 1009M1, catering to various tattooing techniques and styles.

  10. Tattoo waterproof tablecloth: Protect your workspace with our set of five waterproof tablecloths, offering durability and easy cleanup.

  11. Tattoo cup set: Stay organized with our collection of 30 tattoo cups in different sizes (big, medium, and small), providing convenient storage for ink and pigment.

  12. Tattoo transfer paper: Transfer your designs with precision using our tattoo transfer paper, ensuring accurate placement before the tattooing process.

  13. Tattoo rubber gloves: Prioritize safety and hygiene with our two pairs of tattoo rubber gloves, providing a barrier between your skin and potential contaminants.

  14. Tattoo Grip Cover Tape: Enhance your grip and comfort during tattoo sessions with our tattoo grip cover tape, promoting precise control and reducing hand fatigue.

  15. American Standard Line: Adhere to the highest quality standards with our American Standard Line, meeting industry regulations and ensuring your safety.

  16. Carry case: Keep your tattoo supplies organized and easily portable with our durable carry case, designed to protect your equipment wherever your artistry takes you.


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